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The five attorneys of the DiFrancesco Bateman Crime Victim Civil Litigation Practice Group work as a team in representing each of our clients. There is a minimum of three attorneys working on each case so that each client receives the maximum attention. We have established what we call the "Holistic Approach" to serving each client. That is to say, we attempt to address the various needs of our client and we utilize the experience of each of us to focus on our client's individual needs.

Richard D. Pompelio, Esq.

Richard PompelioRichard Pompelio is a nationally recognized leader in the area of crime victim legal assistance. He has represented over 10,000 crime victims in his career and has been recognized as the premier crime victims’ lawyer in the state of New Jersey for over two decades. He has been the recipient of many state and national awards for his work on behalf of crime victims, and in 2009 he received the prestigious Criminal Justice Lawyer of the Year Award from the American Bar Association. Richard has frequently appeared on television and radio as a victims’ rights commentator and he has also published numerous articles on the rights and remedies of victims. In addition, he has been involved in the drafting of much of the victims’ rights legislation in New Jersey over the past twenty years. He is the author of the recent treatise “Crime Victims’ Rights; A Guide for Practitioners and Service Providers” and lectures throughout the United States on the subject of legal assistance to crime victims in the criminal and civil justice systems. Richard graduated summa cum laude from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1972 and was admitted to practice law in New Jersey the same year. He has appeared as an attorney in all state and federal courts in New Jersey and in the Supreme Court of the United States. He is the Director of the New Jersey Crime Victim Bar Association and he also serves on the Advisory Board to the National Crime Victim Bar Association. In 1992, Richard established the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center (NJCVLC), which is dedicated to the pro bono representation of crime victims in the criminal justice system. NJCVLC was the first pro bono victim law clinic of its kind, and it became the forerunner to twelve similar clinics established throughout the nation. Presently in its 20thh year, NJCVLC has provided no cost legal assistance to over 10,000 victims of crime. Richard serves as executive director and chief legal counsel of NJCVLC. The New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center is dedicated to the life and memory of Tony Pompelio. Richard has also served as Chairman of the New Jersey Victims of Crime Compensation Board and as special counsel to the Office of the Attorney General on victims’ rights. Richard is well known nationally as a pioneer in the field of victims’ rights and he is proud to bring this legacy to the distinguished law firm of DiFrancesco Bateman.