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The five attorneys of the DiFrancesco Bateman Crime Victim Civil Litigation Practice Group work as a team in representing each of our clients. There is a minimum of three attorneys working on each case so that each client receives the maximum attention. We have established what we call the "Holistic Approach" to serving each client. That is to say, we attempt to address the various needs of our client and we utilize the experience of each of us to focus on our client's individual needs.

Jeffrey W. Pompeo, Esq.

Jeff PompeoJeffrey W. Pompeo has distinguished himself as a litigator in complex cases throughout his thirty year career as an attorney. As a former Passaic County Assistant Prosecutor in Paterson, Jeffrey brings to the civil justice arena his extensive experience in the criminal justice process.

Jeffrey is a 1982 graduate of Seton Hall Law School. He is known statewide for his extensive public service and has been sought after by many public and private agencies because of his dedication and leadership abilities. He is a trustee of many non-profit organizations and has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center since 2002.

Jeffrey has also worked in the television field. He hosted the game show “In the Know” from 1996 to 1998 and produced and hosted the talk and entertainment show “Close Up” from 1996 to 2000.

He also produced and narrated a 60 minute documentary for the State of New Jersey entitled “Dare to Dream: A History of Crime Victims’ Rights in New Jersey”. Jeffrey is a recognized writer and columnist and he has published over 100 articles on various legal issues. He is also a sought after speaker on a variety of legal topics. His writing entitled “The House Call: Entering the Life of the Crime Victim”, Victim Voice, Vol. 2, Fall 2007 has received national acclaim as it demonstrates the dedication of the attorneys at DiFrancesco Bateman to serving the needs of crime victims.

Jeffrey’s experience in victims’ rights and his ability to manage complex litigation matters has enabled him to make a substantial contribution to the cutting edge work being done every day by the Crime Victim Civil Litigation Practice Group at DiFrancesco Bateman.